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Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

HippoLake Mburo park is the nearest to Kampala. With plenty of wildlife in rolling hills, grassy valleys, forests, swamps and lakes, Lake Mburo has enough the visitors. Acacia and olive woodland harbor buffalos and the shy bush duikers. Waterbuck, vervets and baboons are common and easily seen. Keep a watch for the elusive klipspringers and rock hyrax on the picturesque granite rocky outcrops in the west and rocky hills in the East of the park.

The park's five lakes support hippos, which can be seen grazing on cool mornings, and crocodiles. The surrounding swamps hide the beautiful sitatunga antelope.

The only large predators in the park are Leopards and hyenas; they tend to be extremely reclusive and difficult to see.

Lake Mburo National Park offers the bird watcher a wide variety of water and dry land species, including the rare shoebill storks, Abyssinian ground hornbills, saddle bill storks, white pelicans papyrus Gonolek, swamp flycatcher and many others. Rubanga forest and forest infringing the river Ruizi are rich in birds including Narina trogond and provide a welcome change from dry hills and valleys.

Open grassy valleys offer the best game viewing. Expect to see large herds of Impalas and Zebras. The magnificent Eland is shy herds a 100 strong can be found. Small groups of Topi are easily approached, as are Oribi, generally seen in pairs and families of water hogs. Watch out for Reedbuck hiding in the grass.

Ranches and the lands of the traditional Bahima border Lake Mburo National Park. Herds of their famed long-horned Ankole cattle are a common sight. Visitors may see cattle, impala and Zebra grazing together.

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