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Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

Murchison FallsThis park is named after the famous falls where the Victoria Nile rushes through a narrow, 20-foot- (6-m) wide rock gorge with tremendous force to crash on the rocks 150 feet (45 m) below. Fish dazed by this fall are easy prey to one of the largest concentrations of crocodile on the continent.

Located in northwestern Uganda, this park covers approximately 1500 square miles (3885 km²) of predominantly grassy plains and savannah woodlands with altitudes ranging from 1650 to 4240 feet (500 to 1292 m). Riverine forest lines some parts of the Victoria Nile, which traverses the park from east to west.

The Rabongo Forest has a population of chimpanzees.

In addition to Murchison Falls, a highlight of the park is the 3-hour, 7-mile (11 km) launch trip from Paraa Lodge to the foot of the falls. Numerous crocodile and hippo in the river and along its banks, as well as buffalo, elephant, and prolific bird life (over 400 species), can be approached closely.

Another great excursion is a six-hour launch trip from Paraa Lodge to the delta where the Victoria Nile flows into Lake Albert. Shoebills (whale-headed storks) are often seen on this trip.

The park is also home to giraffe, waterbuck, oribi, hartebeest and Uganda kob. Record Nile perch over 200 pounds (90 kg) have been caught in the Nile. Some of the best fishing is just below Karuma Falls and just below Murchison Falls.

The easiest time to spot animals is January-February; the short dry season from June to July is also good. From March to May, the landscape is more attractive but the wildlife is less concentrated.

Park headquarters and the most extensive road system for game viewing are near the Paraa Lodge. The Buligi Circuit takes one to the confluence of the Albert and Victoria Niles. Waterfowl are especially abundant, along with a variety of game.

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