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Indulge in the most pleasurable birding activities in the forest, savannah woodland and semi-deciduous habitats and take time off to see the giant mountain gorillas.

Uganda a bird watcher's paradise is a land locked small country with over 1000 species of Birds. In terms of size 236,578 sq km, Uganda is the richest country for birds in Africa. It has almost half the species known on the African continent and over 10% of those are recorded throughout the entire world. With excellent infrastructure, a great diversity of wetland, savannah and forest birds, including 29 of the 43 Albertine rift endemics, Uganda owes a visit in a lifetime. The people of Uganda are among the most hospitable in Africa. They are arguably the best hospitable in East Africa.

Itineraries have been made for those willing to stay for either 7 or 14 days birding Uganda and are led by experienced bird guides. However we can arrange other itineraries to suit your holiday as soon as you inform us. You will travel in 4 WD vehicles throughout your bird watching in Uganda.

The best time for birding in Uganda is recommendable during the rains when there is a lot of activity in the wild. This is March April to May then September to November.

Birders interested only in birding the Albertine Rift Endemics can also inform us in time. A special itinerary for this group has also been made for you. This is a 7 days trip to Albertine Rift region. 2 days traveling to and fro. 2 days birding Buhoma, 2 days birding Ruhija, and 1 optional day for gorilla tracking.

An early booking preferably a minimum of 3 - 6 months in advance puts us in a better position for satisfactory services.

On arrival at Entebbe International Airport, you are met by your local guide and transferred to Hotel Lake Victoria. (Birders who arrive in the early hours of the day will have a welcome birding afternoon around Entebbe Botanical gardens). Look out for Slender billed weaver, brown throated weaverž Jackson's golden - backed weaver, yellow backed weaver, grey headed gull, long-tailed cormorant, common squacco heron, yellow billed duck, pied kingfisher, giant king fisher, swamp fly catcher, broad billed roller, black and white casqued hornbill, splendid starling, black headed gonolek, orange weaver, Verreaux's eagle owl, red chested sunbird, Ross's turaco, pied hornbill, crowned hornbill, open billed storks, great reed warbler, sedge warbler, and grey caped warbler.

Overnight Hotel Lake Victoria, Entebbe

Day 02BIRDING at HERITAGE TRAILBreakfastLunchDinner
Early morning birding at Heritage trail 10km north of Entebbe. The local bird guides established this trail early 2000. Over 170 species have been recorded. Serious birders may record 110 birds in a single count. So far the local guides have recommended this trail to be the best birding sport nearest to Kampala and Entebbe. Look out for white-headed barbet, red fronted lovebird, double toothed barbet, emerald cuckoo, brown twin spot, tambourine dove, black headed bush shrike, white spotted fluftail, little ringed plover, verreaux's eagle owl, Richard's pipit, klass' cuckoo, yellow bill, wattled lapwing, and many others.

Overnight Hotel Lake Victoria, Entebbe

Day 03BIRDING in MPIGI SWAMP and MABAMBA SWAMPBreakfastLunchDinner
Shoebill Stork

After an early breakfast, drive to Mabamba swamp 50km west of Kampala, stop en route in Mpigi swamp for papyrus rarities. Open your eyes for a white winged warbler, papyrus gonolek, yellow backed weaver, northern brown-throated weaver, blue-headed coucal, and other swamp specialties. Continue to Mabamba swamp. Most of the birding is done on a canoe. Look out for the shoebill stork both in the sky and down on the marsh swamp. Also look out for the swamp flycatcher, purple swamphen, African water rail, common moorhen, lesser jacana, African jacana, African pygmy goose, white faced whistling duck, squacoo heron, blue breasted bee-eater, winding cisticola, goliath heron, black crake, to mention but a few. Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight stay Speke Resort Munyonyo.

Overnight Cassia lodge

Day 04BIRDING towards and in QUEEN ELIZABETH NATIONAL PARKBreakfastLunchDinner
Depart early in the morning for Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) as you bird en route. Stop at Mbarara for lunch. QENP has over 500 recorded bird species. Serious birders may be interested to know that the one-day record for QENP is 296 out of 547 for the Park, one of the highest in the whole World. An excellent variety seen here, include pelicans, skimmers, kingfishers, thick-knees, storks, martins, swallows, weavers, raptors, canaries, kites, and other grasslands specialties.

Overnight Mweya Safari Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Verreaux's Eagle Owl

Birding in the park begins early in the morning on the open savannah. Return to the hotel for lunch. In the afternoon enjoy birding Kazinga Channel on the boat, which joins lake Edward and lake George. Return to your accommodation for Dinner and overnight in Mweya lodge

Overnight Mweya Safari Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park

After an early breakfast, visit the bird hide near the hotel. Drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Enjoy your picnic lunch as you bird en-route. Enjoy your dinner in the noiseless jungle close to the home of the forest giants the gorillas. You won't miss the early morning songs of the snow capped robin chat and the grey capped warbler. Listen to the luehder's bush shrike as you enjoy your break fast. The grey green bush shrike will call on you free of charge.

Overnight Gorilla Forest Camp/ Engagi Lodge

Birding begins early in the morning with the early risers at the luxury bush camp. After breakfast carry a picnic lunch for whole day birding in the only natural tropical forest in the area. This forest has over 300 bird species recorded. These include red throated alethe, equatorial akalat, forest robin, montane oriole, grey throated barbet, hairy breasted barbet, African broad bill, black bee-eater, pale breasted illadopsis, Narinas trogon, Pettit's cuckoo shrike, black faced rufous warbler, and many other forest rarities. This forest receives rainfall almost throughout the year. A rain jacket and hiking shoes are solutions. Return for dinner and overnight at the camp.

Overnight Gorilla Forest Camp/ Engagi Lodge


Many birders who have been to this forest have shown interest in trekking these cousins of human beings in their jungle homes. Have this optional day for gorilla trekking. Carry your picnic lunch and enjoy the forest giants.

Overnight Gorilla Forest Camp/ Engagi Lodge

Day 09
     & 10
BIRDING in the higest peak of RUHIIJA FORESTBreakfastLunchDinner
These two days you will depart at the crack of dawn for a 50km drive to the highest peak of the forest - Ruhiija. Keep your eyes and ears open for the African green broad bill. Look out for a white starred robin, grey cuckoo shrike, strange weaver, banded prinia, brown chested alethe, slender billed greenbull, yellow streaked greenbull, white browed crombec, mountain illadopsis, Lehuder's bush shrike, grey green bush shrike; all these and many others are among the 345 species recorded in this park. Drive back to Bwindi for the overnight.

Overnight Travern

Day 11BIRDING at LAKE BUNYONYIBreakfastLunchDinner
Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi stopping for lunch at Kabale White Horse Inn. Overnight at Bunyonyi Overland Camp here a number of little birds skim, twitter, and will entertain you with songs. Kingfishers, cranes, storks, ibises, egrets, darters, and others, are also seen here.

Overnight Bunyonyi Overland Camp, Lake Bunyonyi

Day 12BIRDING in the MOUNTAINS OF KIGEZIBreakfastLunchDinner
Crested Cranes

From here you will travel eastwards through the terraced mountains of Kigezi (the Switzerland of East Africa) to the open plains and rocky hillsides of Ankole. Your drive is punctuated with several stops to see the barefaced go away bird, crowned plover, wattled lapwing, southern red bishop, variable sunbird, African harrier hawk, larks, and many others. Enjoy the fabulous long horned Ankole cattle as you bird. Dinner and overnight at Mantana tented camp at the Lake Mburo National Park. Enjoy free songs of morning dove, didrick cuckoo, grey-capped warbler, black-headed weaver, etc.

Overnight Mantana Tented Camp, Lake Mburo National Park

Leave at dawn to get the African fin foot at Lake Mburo National Park before it disappears into the papyrus beds floating on the lake. Look out for the brown chested lapwing, lilac breasted roller, carmine bee-eaters, black bellied bustard, helmeted guinea fowl, rufous napped lark, vultures, eagles, kites and the like.
Return for lunch at the camp. Rest in the afternoon for next day airport transfer.

Overnight Mantana Tented Camp, Lake Mburo National Park

Day 14LAKE MBURO NATIONAL PARK / KAMPALA / ENTEBBE (approximately 5 hours)BreakfastLunchNo Dinner
Transfer to the Airport for departure. Stop at the equator for a historic moment, Mpigi drum makers, and Kampala for shopping.

By no means are you restricted to this itinerary. If you want a certain itinerary, we shall design it for you.

Expert leadership
Meals as noted
Airport transfers
Park fee and sightseeing as noted in the itinerary
Ground transportation
International airfare or flights of any kind
Meals not noted on the itinerary
Insurance of any kind
Excess baggage charges
Airport taxes
Items of a personal nature (alcoholic beverages, laundry. etc)

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